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Low-waste Holiday Prep!

Low-waste Holiday Prep!

This year (& every year) we're giving the gift of less.

Did you know that Americans throw away 25% more trash between November and the New Year’s holiday season? This extra waste is about 1 million extra tons of waste per week. At GoGo, we are giving the gift of less – so let’s talk about low-waste & sustainable holiday planning!

Low-waste gifts

Normalize regifting, embrace the joy in giving and receiving homemade gifts, and get creative with the gift of ‘experiences’. Shop local and thrifted, and make it a fun experience with all of the wonderful Holiday Markets around town. Here's a link with all the upcoming craft Markets throughout Maine!

If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for and must seek online, make sure to do your research before purchasing. Look into the company’s mission and practices. Are they sustainable? Do they use eco-friendly and natural ingredients or sustainability sourced resources? Do they ship plastic-free? (you can always ask!) It will be worth the extra work!

P.s. we love checking out all the amazing artists on Etsy. They have everything you need for gifting and they offset 100% of the carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on every delivery.

Looking for the perfect gift?!!



  • Gift reusables and not single-use.To-go coffee mug paired with your favorite local beans, dutch oven for your favorite cook, Marley's Monsters Unpaper towels and more!
  • Gift low-waste starter kits. All the 'to-go equipment' one needs (bamboo utensil kit, stasher bag, straw & cleaner, water bottle), kitchen sink (compostable sponge, compost bin, pot scrubber, dish block, Swedish dish cloth)
  • Gift experiences - either solo or group activities (two in one - get some quality time together.) Punch card to Washington Baths, ski weekend, a class to learn something new, and so much more!
  • Gift something homemade. Beeswax candles, a drawing or collage and frame it, sew something, sugar scrub, and so much more!
  • Gift philanthropy style - donate on their behalf to a local charity or non-profit. Check out for a list of all the incredible non-profits in Maine!
  • Gift food, baked goods, or homemade recipes. 
  • Gift a gift certificates or merch from local spots. Favorite coffee shop, markets, go-to spots.
  • Gift second-hand, vintage or re-gift and give something a new life. Clothes, furniture, baskets, shoes, literally anything!
  • Gift local and craft fairs. We are surrounded by makers, artists and local stores. Show them some love!

Low-waste decorating

Let's face it, we can all get a little carried away with decorating our homes and offices for the holidays, which in fact can be very wasteful. We understand the excitement to switch it up and splurge on new holiday decorations, but if you do, remember to drop off once loved decorations or unwanted items to your local Goodwill for others to enjoy, and while you’re there, buy some scarves and linens for your wrapping paper! One of our favorite wrapping techniques is finding scarfs or unloved clothing and wrapping the gift Furoshiki style. And remember, it’s okay to ask for your wrapping material back (especially if it’s your favorite scarf!) 

For decorating this year, we encourage DIY garlands, wreaths and table decorations that are fun, smell good and add to the holiday cheer. Plus your guests will be impressed! Now for the show stopper, the tree. Luckily in Maine, we have access to fresh cut trees from local farms, and curbside / drop off locations for disposal at their end life. But for those who have to settle on a fake tree (try to avoid it), try to purchase second hand if possible or decorate another item in your home! For the lighting, make sure to go LED lights for more energy efficiency, and if one bulb is out, replace it before buying a whole new set of lights. And don’t forget about making your own popcorn, cranberry, or dried citrus garland for decorating! 


Shopping local plays an important role when it comes to sourcing food for your holiday feasts and favorite dishes, so make sure to check out your local farmer's market and co-op. By stopping at your local farm stand, you are supporting farmers, lowering your carbon footprint, purchasing in season produce and eating healthier, more nutritional produce! Don’t forget to bring your reusable produce bags! 

For a waste-free table, real dish-ware and utensils instead of plastic look way better on your table and are way better for the earth. Plus, dish duty is fun if everyone gets involved. If you are hosting more than your dish inventory can handle, this is a good excuse to get creative and check out your neighborhood used-goods stores or Buy-nothing Facebook groups. Buy or trade some fun items that can be used instead of single-use, and that can be donated after the holidays! Think about them as rentals! And finally (and maybe most importantly), compost your food scraps if you can, and if not, use litterless to find a local compost drop off station in your neighborhood. 

Final tip! Bring back Secret Santa so you’re not overwhelmed with getting everyone in your group the perfect gift, and can focus on giving and exchanging a meaningful prezzi, plus a great excuse to host a holiday party!