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Setting (& re-setting) your low-waste resolutions

Setting (& re-setting) your low-waste resolutions

The majority of you who are reading this are already on a low-waste mission, or you’re interested in getting started. Well, it turns out that GoGo’s New Year's resolution is to support your transition into a plastic free, low-waste lifestyle.

Let’s face it, the start of 2022 has not been the most welcoming with the ongoing pandemic…BUT it’s still that exciting time of year where we have the opportunity to do life ‘better’ and take action. If you’re like us, our New Year intentions (every year) are to perfect those low-waste practices that better us and the place we call home. 

If you’ve followed our story, many of you know that the idea for GoGo Refill came from a successful New Year's Resolution that Laura took on back in 2017. What started as a mission to ditch single-use plastic, turned into a passion and commitment to living a low-waste and intentional lifestyle and then…GoGo Refill was born. We’re not saying that all resolutions will stick and turn into something magical, but low-waste goals can certainly lead to reducing your impact on the planet – one change at a time. Low-waste livin’ ain’t always easy, but together, we can do it! 

Our mantra is Think Big. Start small. The mission to practice a zero-waste lifestyle can be daunting and sometimes nearly impossible, so that’s why we want you to forgive yourself quickly when you fall off the low-waste wagon. We do it too! We’re still cleaning up after the waste-iest time of year - the holidays. Whew! But what we didn’t do was beat ourselves up about it - we disposed of our extra packages & gift-wrap properly, and we moved on. 

When you’re feeling like you're not doing enough, remember the basics and fall back on those zero-waste habits that you do well and use this as a way to ease yourself back in - and when you’re feeling like a ZW pro again, expand your habits. 

Here are our favorite everyday habits to
double-down on:

BYO! This is a 2-for-1 you can say no to single-use and you get to show off your favorite straw to your community members! Water bottles, mugs, utensils & bags!

Choose to refuse! Especially if plastic is involved, remember, you can always opt out. For example, when you’re grocery shopping, choose the items not in packaging, or in glass or aluminum instead of plastic containers. The container library at GoGo is always excited to reuse your old containers. 

Vote with your Wallet! Shop consciously. Shop your favorite local businesses, and support those that value sustainability and share your mission to a low ecological footprint.

Re-use, Re-use, Re-use!! Before you throw it away, give it a new life or see if someone else has a use for it. Our favorites: an empty pickle jar used to store rubber bands or twist-ties, old fabrics made into cleaning rags, and takeout containers as food storage. 

Compost it! The rule of thumb, if it grows, you can compost it. Garbage to Garden is an easy local curbside pick up compost service. Or you can compost at home and drop it off at the various community garden locations

You're doing great!

We’re one month in and now it’s time to reflect on how far we’ve come…or to set or reset that intention. And it’s okay to start from scratch. So give yourself a big high five! You’ve come this far and you’re doing a great job. There is an adjustment period, but once you build routines and habits, and find your favorite alternatives and local resources, it becomes part of your everyday lifestyle. If there’s anything you’re working on, please stop in, we absolutely love hearing tips on low-waste living!